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The BEACON Senior News is…

 Kevin Gundy, Publisher - LinkedIn

Kevin K. VanGundy is the publisher of the BEACON Senior News. He spends most of his days fighting ageism in America, and teaching business owners and elected officials that people over 65 years-of-age aren’t dead… yet. One time, Kevin shaved his head bald because he lost a bet about losing weight.

  Cloie Sandlin, Editor in Chief - LinkedIn

Cloie Sandlin is Editor of the BEACON Senior News. She has been with Pendant Publishing since 2009 and is a long-time resident of Grand Junction, Colorado. She loves using Trello to organize her life and tends to accessorize her workspace with ducks.

 Lauren Berg, Multimedia Editor - LinkedIn

Lauren Berg is the multimedia editor for the BEACON Senior News. She is a recent transplant to Grand Junction from New York State, bringing years of editing, writing and social media experience to the BEACON team. Her work is inspired by her passion for the types of stories that will either make you laugh, cry, or a do little bit of both.

 Stacey Splude, Office Manager - LinkedIn

Stacey Splude is Office Manager at the BEACON Senior News. She handles our day-to-day operations, runs the Classified section and is the friendly person who you’ll hear on the phone when you call us. When not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her two grandkids, traveling with her daughter, and hanging out with friends & family.

 B. Bigler, Graphic Designer

Bix Bigler is a Graphic Designer for the BEACON Senior News. He specializes in the visual structure of a page, working to produce the ideal blend of text, images, and space on a page.

Michael L. Madsen, Graphic Designer

Mike is the newest member at the BEACON Senior News, bringing 25+ years of Graphic Design knowledge and experience with him. He takes great pride in designing some of the fantastic advertising you see each month, along with the layout and design of the pages you read. In his downtime, he likes hanging out with his children and is a total cinephile with a movie collection that could make Netflix blush. He'll also admit he's a total geek/nerd about most tech and all things sci-fi, fantasy, or comics related. If it's Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Star Wars, or countless other tv shows and movies like that, you can bet he's into it.

Debra Romaniec, Advertising Executive

Debra Romaniec is an advertising executive for the BEACON Senior News since 2017. She is passionate about creating awareness and being pro-active with aging adult issues. Debra loves meeting new people in the community and volunteering at events for various local organizations in the Grand Valley. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, watching the next best film to hit theaters, and house-sitting of her friends’ many fur babies.

Kayla Pool, Advertising Assistant

Kayla is an advertising assistant for the BEACON Senior News. She moved from Oklahoma to Grand Junction to attend Colorado Mesa University where she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication. During her free time, she enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles and going on off-road adventures and camping with her husband.

 Jan Weeks, Proofreader 

Jan Weeks is the BEACON Senior News Proofreader. Jan has been writing and dreaming since childhood. Her articles, short stories and essays have appeared in “Outdoor Life,” “Guideposts,” “Natural Health” and other markets. Her award-winning novels and short stories include “Season of Evil, Season of Dreams;” “The Centerville Code” and “Anna, Old.” When she isn’t writing, she teaches writing workshops and edits both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. She facilitates the Colorado West Writers’ Workshop and belongs to the Authors’ Guild.

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JR Milner, Delivery

Brittney Bade, Delivery