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BEACON Senior News

Find a BEACON near you

Seniors love the BEACON! They go like hotcakes! 

Did you know we distribute the BEACON to more than 300 locations throughout Mesa, Montrose and Delta counties? That's a lot of places to find the BEACON!

Our most popular distribution sites are grocery stores (Safeways are best) and post offices—these spots are re-stocked throughout the month. 

Still can't find the BEACON? 

Use the map to find a distribution site near you:

Zoom in on your hometown or address using the + sign in the bottom left corner to see all the BEACON street boxes or paper racks near you! Or, open the map in a larger window by clicking the box outline in the top right corner.

Or, for $20 per year, you can subscribe and get the BEACON mailed straight to you every month!