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Every year, I dream of the perfect Christmas

Nov 29, 2022 02:37PM ● By Cloie Sandlin

Ideally, this entails my home lit up with Christmas lights and holiday music with all of my loved ones gathered at my house for dinner, festive activities and an exchanging of gifts.

My reality? A dark and deserted-looking house because I’m too busy to put up lights (although I own plenty) and driving across town to several homes on Christmas Day so I can spend a few hours with all who are near and dear to me. 

I’ve been doing this a few years now so it’s kind of become a tradition. My husband doesn’t always participate, as he prefers to make himself at home in one location—even if it’s without me. When it comes to Christmas, he can be kind of a scrooge anyway. 

For now, my home is nowhere near large enough to host everybody on Christmas, nor do I particularly enjoy cooking for large groups. I have no kids, so it’s also nice to be at their house when they’re running rampant as opposed to mine. 

Perhaps one day my wish will come true. In the holiday hustle and bustle, I have to remember that it’s okay for things not to go as planned or be what I hoped for. It may not be the perfect Christmas, but as long I get to spend it with those I love, it’s still pretty special. 

Merry Christmas from the BEACON!

What every nonprofit wants for Christmas

December 6 is Colorado Gives Day, an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy through giving. 

Hundreds of Colorado nonprofits big and small participate in Colorado Gives Day, and anyone can donate. The only stipulation is that your giving must be done online at through December 6. 

Why not just mail a check? While I’m sure that local nonprofits will graciously accept a check or donation made in person, many, if not all of the participating nonprofits are eligible to receive extra money from a statewide incentive fund when donations are made through the Colorado Gives Day website. 

However you choose to give this year, donations are blessings to many of our local nonprofits, allowing them to continue their charitable work and meeting needs in our community. You can also schedule your donation at today.

Vote for the BEACON Best

BEACON readers know best. So tell us about the local businesses with superior customer service that have earned your trust. Vote by December 31 to be entered to win prizes and gift cards. Fill out and mail in the ballot opposite this page, or vote online at Don’t forget to let these businesses know you’re rooting for them! 

Give (and get) the BEACON

December is also the last month that you can surprise someone with a BEACON subscription and get one for yourself for free! 

While the BEACON is still distributed free of charge thanks to our advertisers, subscribing guarantees you won’t miss out on any senior-related news and events, including the release of our 2023 BEACON Guide, a resource directory for older adults in Mesa, Montrose and Delta counties. (More on that next month.) 

Vote now for the 2023 BEACON Best Awards

Vote now for the 2023 BEACON Best Awards!

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