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What’s your camp style?

Aug 01, 2022 02:33PM ● By Cloie Sandlin

I’m not much of a camper, which sounds like sacrilege in Colorado. I prefer to remain spoiled with hot showers, Keurig-brewed coffee and other modern-day luxuries. 

Even though I like to be comfortable when I travel, I can also be quite the cheapskate, so I’m not opposed to “roughing it” for brief durations. 

A few years ago, my husband and I had a late flight into the Norfolk Airport on our way to the Outer Banks. Rather than pay to spend the night at a hotel (which would really only be a few hours), we decided to find a quiet neighborhood to park our rental car and crash there for the night. 

I recently learned a name for this type of camping. When you park in a place that’s not necessarily meant for overnight parking, it’s called “stealth camping.” The key is to not draw attention, so we parked on a secluded corner in a residential neighborhood, where we could blend in with other cars parked on the street without being too close.

That was until we accidentally set off the car alarm! While we avoided blowing our cover by quickly shutting off the alarm, we hadn’t planned on the sweltering humidity! After trying to sleep for an hour or so, we gave in and started looking up hotel rooms.  

You’d think that RVers and motorhome “glampers” have it easy, but finding a safe, inexpensive spot to park their rig is more difficult than it seems. 

This month we talked to RV travelers and local business owners about the Harvest Hosts program, a network of farms, wineries, breweries and other attractions that allow self-contained RVs to stay overnight for free (with a paid annual membership). 

For travelers, stays often come with scenic views and easy access to locally made provisions and even rounds of golf! Hosts benefit from visiting with travelers who are interested in their business and buy their products. 

So if you’re a RV camper looking for an affordable way to switch up your routine, read this month’s cover story to learn what seniors have to say about camping with Harvest Hosts, and how to get started.  

Read this month's cover story by clicking the link below.

Wineries are better than Walmarts

Wineries are better than Walmarts

Switch up your RV camp routine with Harvest Hosts. Read More » 


Volunteer of the Year

Local nonprofits rely on members of the community to help carry out their missions. Particularly since the pandemic, many have stepped up and graciously volunteered their time and taken on more responsibilities to support the causes they care about.

And what age group makes up the majority of our community’s volunteers? Seniors!

That’s why we give local organizations the opportunity to recognize their outstanding senior volunteers at the Volunteer of the Year ceremony at BeaconFest Boomer & Senior Fair. 

Our next BeaconFest takes place at the Montrose Pavilion on Thursday, September 15 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. While we recognize all nominated volunteers at BeaconFest, only one can be named Volunteer of the Year in Montrose and Delta counties. With so many wonderful volunteers to choose from, we’re asking for your help!

Click here to read each nominee’s qualifications and vote or mail the printed ballot. The last day to vote for Montrose-Delta Volunteer of the Year is Thursday, September 1. 

Join us in honoring these volunteers during a mid-day ceremony at Montrose-Delta BeaconFest, and get ready for an exciting lineup of entertainment, educational seminars, prize giveaways and more. 

Between exciting raffles, peruse over 60 booths staffed by health care providers, housing representatives, advocacy organizations, home improvement experts, real estate professionals, financial advisors, local clubs, nonprofits and more. 

Plus, admission is FREE! For details, visit