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No matter how old I get, I’ll never tire of Disney magic

Jun 28, 2022 10:20AM ● By Cloie Sandlin

From the films to the parks, Walt Disney really outdid himself. Like most kids, I grew up with the animated stories of princesses and happy ever after and was introduced to greater literary tales like The Jungle Book, The Lion King and King Arthur. Now as an adult, I try to stay up to date with the Marvel superheroes and Star Wars characters, even though I have reservations about the new movies. 

To be clear, I’m not one of those adults who lives and breathes Disney. I recently let my DisneyPlus subscription lapse, I still have a Disney Store gift card I received for my birthday years ago, and you won’t see me sporting a designer handbag with Mickey Mouse on it. However, there’s a nostalgia and childhood innocence associated with Disney that I believe all ages can relate with. That’s why I love visiting Disney theme parks.  

In "My Trip to Disneyland the year it opened: 1955", Jan Weeks recounts the magic she felt during her very first visit to Disneyland the year it opened in 1955. She was a kid then, and while the parks are a wonderland for kids, you don’t need the youthful energy of an 8-year-old to fall in love with the happiest place on earth. 

A few weeks ago, I actually visited Disney’s magical kingdom in Anaheim, California. Ages in our group of 11 ranged from 2 to 60. In fact, oldest two of the group had been to Disneyland more than anyone else! 

Despite the not-so-magical hordes of people and long wait times, we had a wonderful time racing down the Matterhorn, zooming around Hyperspace Mountain in an X-wing starfighter, and reliving our favorite storybook moments in Fantasyland. Even my husband, who is prone to motion sickness, had a great time spinning in the tea cups at the Mad Tea Party (but he’d only do it once)! 

Whether you’re accompanying grandkids or flying solo, Disney theme parks are a wonderful experience to share with someone you love. It’s a place of fun and adventure. And, at least for a day, it feels like all of your dreams might actually come true.


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