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Mud puddle hunters of Montrose

Jun 01, 2022 01:26PM ● By Siggie Carpenter

Our beautiful community of Montrose sits at an elevation of 5,794 feet and is nestled within easy reach of endless adventures. Being relatively new to Western Slope living, I was reluctant to venture into the outdoors alone, but when some of my girlfriends invited me to go on a scenic Jeep ride, I half-heartedly obliged.

As I climbed into the back seat of the open Jeep, the blue sky and incredible views of the Uncompahgre Valley helped to ease my anxieties. 

Before I knew it, our driver Tanya said, “Ladies, there’s a puddle up ahead. Can I take it?”

“Take the puddle? What is she talking about?” I asked my other friends Karen and Vicki.

My dumbfounded look must have been priceless, but I was relieved when one of them quickly responded, “No, we don’t want to get dirty.”

Tanya looked disappointed, but we continued on the path and pointed out breathtaking sites and points of interest along the way. 

On our way home, we watched a silver truck descend a hill and gingerly maneuver around a large mud puddle. Once again, Tanya asked for permission to take it. 

Not wanting to rob her of her fun, we wrestled up the courage and yelled unanimously, “Floor it!”  

As we headed down the hill, screams of fear and giggles erupted. When that mud came pouring down on us, the fun-loving child inside each of us surfaced once again. 

Too often we forget that part of us that wants to play, get dirty and forget about our responsibilities. Especially at this point in our lives, very rarely do we seek and take part in new engaging experiences. 

After the year we’ve had, I think it’s important that we start! 

On that warm summer day, the four of us mature women—mothers, grandmothers, professionals and trailblazers in our own right—became brave and daring mud puddle hunters! Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to set aside our responsibilities, venture out and have some fun. Stop saying “I’ll think about it” and take action! It’s easy to say no to yourself, but it’s time to start saying yes.