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Does it feel like Mercury is in retrograde?

Jan 24, 2022 03:50PM ● By Cloie Sandlin

That’s because it is! From January 13 through February 3, the planet Mercury appears to develop a will of its own and begins orbiting around the sun in the opposite direction, inciting chaos! How else can you explain the sudden rise of omicron cases? And Betty White dying—and now Meatloaf?

How can we best survive these troubled times? What does Mercury in retrograde mean for us?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, the planet isn’t actually moving backwards. It an optical illusion associated with the planet’s shorter orbit in relation to Earth’s.

Since Mercury is the Roman name for Hermes—the Greek god of financial gain, commerce, communication, et al.—the planet’s perceived “behavior” is often blamed for disruptions in travel and communications, including delayed/canceled flights and breaking down technology—all things our world has experienced considerably as of late. 

Since non-interpersonal communication can easily be misinterpreted during this time, astrologers advise against entering into binding agreements, making big decisions or starting something new.

Fortunately, by the time you read this column, Mercury will be that much closer to getting back on course. If reviving old friendships or making new connections was part of your new year’s resolution, don’t let Mercury’s folly delay you another minute. Have you thought about online dating? Well, brush off your keyboard and get to it! If you’re not sure where to start, this month’s cover story can help.

BEACON Best winners revealed

Our February issue is the perfect place to recognize the love our readers have for the outstanding people and businesses in our community. BEACON readers spent the last few months voting for their favorite people, businesses and hotspots in Western Colorado. Now, we’re excited to reveal the BEACON Best—the people, shops and service providers that rise above the rest for local boomers and seniors. Thank you to the hundreds of readers who voted, and to the winners and nominees who go the extra mile for them! See who our readers voted for on page 30.

Show volunteers some love!

Especially during the pandemic, nonprofits have relied heavily on volunteers to help carry out their mission. Do you know a volunteer who really steps up to the plate? Show them your appreciation by nominating them for the BEACON Volunteer of the Year award. This honor is open to any volunteer age 50 or older living in Mesa County. (We’ll be taking nominations for Montrose and Delta volunteers this fall). See the ad on page 26 for details.

Fun, food & prizes at BeaconFest

Each nominated volunteer will be honored at Grand Junction BeaconFest on Thursday, April 28. Get ready for an exciting lineup of entertainers, educational seminars, prize giveaways and more! Learn more at To reserve a booth, call 970-243-8829. 

Free home COVID tests

If you are fortunate enough to find a home COVID-19 test amid the shortage and you have private health insurance, save your receipt—you can now get reimbursed for the cost later. Insurers will cover a maximum of eight tests per covered individual per month (16 tests for a couple). The tests are not applied against copays or deductibles. Even if you do not have health insurance, you can order four tests per household for free at