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Question of the Month - January 2022

Dec 22, 2021 03:08PM ● By Jan Weeks & Siggie Carpenter
Well dressed man holds stack of dollar bills

What should everyone know about money?

Mesa County

Mike Carr – Clifton

“Whatever money you make, you only get 75 percent of it. The rest goes to taxes.”

Martin Stafford – Grand Junction

“Money can only be spent once. If you spend a twenty-dollar bill for this, you can’t spend it for that. You have to be conscious of how you’re spending your money.”

Carole Sneddon – Grand Junction 

“As the Bible says, the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is meant to be shared. Getting more and more money just for the sake of having money isn’t using money wisely. Use your money to help those in need, and to be good to yourself, too.”

Bruce Welder – Grand Junction

“In order to make money less relevant in your life, you have to have a sense of ‘enough.’ You have to learn to separate your wants from your needs. Less stuff frees you for other things.”

Montrose-Delta Counties

Vicki Biggins - Montrose

“Money leaves my hands quicker than it comes in. It lets me purchase things and makes me feel good when I can ‘pick up the tab’ now and then. Everyone should learn how to save, understand the value of good credit and be content with what they have.”

Larry Lemser - Montrose

“The goal to achieve great income and amass huge wealth is not as satisfying as following your heart’s desire in daily career activity.”

Johnene Foster - Olathe

“Everyone should learn how to save money. I’m still trying to figure it out. There never seems to be anything leftover to save. There’s always ‘just enough.’ It makes living more challenging. ‘Ample’ would be nice for a change.”

Tim Reidy - Montrose

“Take care of your financial responsibilities and put most in safe places. Investments need to be a scattering of risk evaluations. Never risk more than you can afford to set fire to in the driveway, so you don’t have any regrets. If you can, hire a fiduciary because they have a legal obligation to invest your money in your best interest.”

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