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Question of the Month - August 2021

Jul 26, 2021 10:24AM ● By Jan Weeks & Siggie Carpenter
two people sitting on a bench, backs to camera, looking out at a park

If your parents were still alive, what’s one question you’d ask them?

Mesa County

Mike Holt - Grand Junction 

“I’d ask them to elaborate on their childhoods. Mom grew up on a farm with many siblings. Dad grew up in the city and he and his siblings basically raised each other after his mom died. I would want to know how they motivated themselves, gained character and learned kindness.”

Mary Verdieck - Grand Junction

“I’d ask my mom about the changes in Grand Junction. We lived on Gunnison, and in the 1960s she’d say, ‘There’s so much traffic, pretty soon we’re going to have stop signs on Gunnison!’”

Jon Burkett - Fruita

“I’d like to know what the environmental challenges were back when littering was accepted. Were they aware of the challenges to the environment that we face today?”

Janet Fiser - Grand Junction

“I heard a story about my mom cruising in her yellow convertible and she picked up my dad who was with a group of guys in another car. I’d ask if that story’s true, or if not, how they actually met.”

Montrose & Delta Counties

Lavon “Blondie” Campbell - Montrose

“I’d like to know what they’d say about these pandemic times we’ve experienced. My parents were hard workers and very disciplined. They were always willing to help their neighbors, and they gave simple and logical advice. They always made us feel safe and secure.”

Flint McGhee - Crawford

“Where’s that pot of gold? What happens when you die? And, what are the lottery numbers for August’s Power Ball?”

Sharon Barrett - Montrose

“'Why didn’t we talk more?' I know life was difficult in the ’30s and ’40s, but I feel it might have helped me understand my mother more. I have three sons and a daughter. We talk all the time and have had some amazing conversations.”

Sheryl Clapton - Montrose

“I would like to ask my parents, ‘Did they have a wonderful life?’”

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