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Question of the Month - June 2021

May 24, 2021 10:56AM ● By Jan Weeks & Siggie Carpenter
Jet, packed suitcases with stickers, passports and a map with pins marked in North America and Australia

What adventure most changed your life?

Mesa County

Sue Carner - Grand Junction

“I went to Maine to live my dream of living near the ocean and then became homeless. While I was in the shelter for months, I learned that I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be and to see people for who they really are."

Jack Ranney - Grand Junction

“When I was 15, my dad took me on a fishing trip into the North Woods. We passed huge areas where the forest had been clear cut and then ravaged by forest fires. I could imagine what it must’ve looked like, so instead of becoming a civil engineer as everyone advised, I got a degree in forestry, then went on to study landscape architecture, land planning and land ecology.”

John & DJ Weisner - Fruita

John: “Not really an adventure, but we met while bowling in Stockton, California, and that changed my life forever.”

DJ: “At first I hated him because he was too cocky. Now he’s my soul mate. We’ve been married 29 years.”

Mike Shults - Grand Junction

“I joined the Navy and went to Vietnam instead of going to college. If I had gone to college instead, I wouldn’t have met the love of my life or reconnected with an old classmate.”

Montrose & Delta Counties

Heidi Seelhoff - Montrose

“When I was in my early 20s, I came to America from Germany because the opportunities as a medical technician were much better. I found a hospital in Chicago that would accept my credentials. I met and married a handsome jazz musician who taught me that with hard work and determination, I could accomplish anything.”

Jonna Grasha - Olathe

“Home educating our four sons! Sharing time with them every day and seeing their highlights changed my life; they truly are brothers. They’re kind, responsible and hard workers. Our children have grown to be adults who are successful and giving back to their community. It’s every parents’ dream.”

Nelson Jennett - Montrose

“At age 88, I’ve had many adventures and they’ve all had an impact on me, some more than others. I’ve traveled and worked around the world. I can’t pinpoint any one adventure changing me more than the other. I’ve experienced the best of times and the worst of times.”

Cathne Holt - Montrose

“I had the opportunity to travel to many foreign countries and experience different cultures. People are people and most are trying to make a living and doing the best they can. I’m grateful for the times I was able to travel abroad and for the stories I love to share.”

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