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10 good things that came out of the pandemic

Apr 26, 2021 02:45PM ● By Cloie Sandlin
Editor Cloie Sandlin poses with friends holding a pickleball racket and ball

Editor Cloie Sandlin poses with friends after playing pickleball for the first time.

For last year’s May edition, we tried something we’d never done before. Uncertain of the impact COVID-19 would have on our community and out of concern for the safety of our readers, we made our first-ever online-only edition of the BEACON Senior News. 

Imagine our relief when case numbers on the Western Slope remained low and we were able to come back with a print edition of the June issue earlier than we’d planned. 

The good

For me specifically, here’s a list of 10 good things that have come out of the pandemic: 

1. More people are washing their hands

2. To-go beer

3. Less crowds (but increased lines can be annoying)

4. Great deals on travel (I stayed at an expensive Las Vegas resort for a great rate)

5. Decluttering (now I can park in my garage)

6. Excuses for declining baby shower invites and hugs from strangers

7. Extended tax deadline (I’ve got to get on that)

8. Less money spent on makeup (a relief after spending a small fortune on wedding makeup the previous year)

9. More time in the great outdoors (I played pickleball for the first time!)

10. Being more grateful

While the early shutdowns caused many people to go stir-crazy, the isolation resulting from the pandemic gave many artists the inspiration and time to create.

This month’s cover story features three local authors that put pen to paper and published books during the pandemic. You can also read about self-taught artist Bert Poling, who spent the last year crafting lapidary/wood pieces to show at galleries and art shows this summer. 

On a trip to help her mom in Indiana, Diana Barnett made an impromptu stop in Hannibal, Missouri—the hometown of Mark Twain—which inspired him to write his two classics, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” 

Lastly, Magic Circle Players and San Juan Dance Club are almost back in full swing, encouraging seniors to be active once again.

The bad and the ugly

Sadly, scammers didn’t take the year off, adapting schemes to pandemic times. Over time, it seems that scams are becoming even more difficult to recognize. That’s why we asked readers to share their stories about the wildest scams they’ve come across in an effort to spread the word. We’ll publish more of them over the next couple of months, but you can read a few of them here.

BeaconFest is back this fall!

High on the list of things I missed from 2020 is BeaconFest, our annual celebration of age. Fortunately, both our fairs in Grand Junction and Montrose are coming back this fall! We look forward to seeing you on September 9 at Grand Junction Convention Center and October 14 at the Montrose Pavilion. Just like in previous years, admission is free! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Pictured: BEACON Editor in Chief Cloie Sandlin as a child with her mom.


Give your mom a hug and thank her for never giving up on you, no matter how difficult you made it for her!  My mom is one of my favorite people and I’m pretty sure I’m her favorite daughter. I think it goes without saying how very lucky she was to have me as a kid. (This is also a test to see if she or my sisters read this.) 

Letters from our readers

“Keep up the great work with the BEACON. I look forward to every issue.” - Robert V.

“I have five ladies who have contacted me and are helping as a result of the information published in the BEACON. Thank you for all you do to support the military!”

- Karon Carley, President/State Manager, Operation Interdependence

“The BEACON is my favoritest paper in the whole world! You guys do a great job. I can’t even function until I get my BEACON.” - Vicky H.

“I enjoy the BEACON a lot!” - Paula K.

“I picked up Life After 50 in Colorado Springs and noticed they had a list of senior discounts at stores and restaurants. Is there any way the BEACON could publish something like that a couple times a year? It sure would help. Just checking to see if this is possible. Thanks for a great publication! I always look forward to a new issue!” - Jean S.

Cloie: Hi Jean, we love the idea of publishing a list of senior discounts in the BEACON. If you have any inside info on the businesses that give great discounts, please let us know.

RE: “Ute Heritage Day: Take pride in your heritage” (April)

“I am the secretary/treasurer of Native American Cultural Programs here in Grand Junction. I am very interested in getting in touch with Ginger DeCavitch, as we would like to know more about Ute Heritage Day and work with her to reach more of the public.” - Susan M.

RE: “GJT: 90 years flying strong” (April)

“I worked in the Hertz rental at the airport in ’71. People used to come out on Sundays to watch the airplanes land. Dick Pond’s restaurant was really great—he used to serve buffalo meat!” - Jane P.

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