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In memory of Lizzy, Montrose’s favorite Schnauzer

Mar 23, 2021 10:19AM ● By Ofelia Zarlengo
Lizzie the Schnauzer

Lizzy was my angel sent from Heaven. 

She was very well known in Montrose. Everywhere we went, women, children and even big guys at Home Depot would comment on how well she behaved. She never barked, which was unusual for a Schnauzer. 

At mass, the congregation couldn’t get over how still she was—like a stuffed animal. Last year, Dr. Green at San Juan Vet Clinic removed her spleen. A few days later, it was discovered she had cancer and didn’t have much time left. 

But she proved him wrong! She lived for six months longer than we anticipated. It broke our hearts into a million pieces when Lizzy passed on January 18, 2021. She was so pampered and so loved. 

Now she’s in God’s hands and in puppy heaven.

Ofelia Zarlengo