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Question of the Month - April 2021

Mar 22, 2021 02:06PM ● By Siggie Carpenter
Stock photo, picture of welcome mat with the words "Home Sweet Home"

What was your first home like?

Mesa County

Cynthia G. - Fruita

“My dad’s business was in Chicago, but he and Mom wanted to raise their kids in the countryside, so they bought a farm in northern Illinois. I had a place for horses and 4-H cattle. I liked the fact that my family and I did so many things there and that it was in a small community.”

Tom Rich - Grand Junction

“My first home as an adult was the dorm room at University of North Dakota. We have a great hockey team playing for the national championship this year—same as 50 years ago when I was there.”

Marya Johnston - Grand Junction

“My childhood home was an all-electric house in Gunnison, Colorado. It turned out not to be such a good idea because it was expensive to heat.”

Vickie I. - Grand Junction

“We had a building company in Tallahassee. Three of our homes I designed and owned the floor plans. I always designed them with my family’s needs in mind. We’d say, ‘No other family would understand this,’ but we never had trouble
selling them.”

Montrose & Delta Counties

Shirley Carson - Montrose

“I grew up on a farm in Council Bluffs, Iowa. We were a family of eight. We lived in a simple but sturdy house filled with love and way too much noise for some. We had chores, pet rabbits and went squirrel hunting.”

Robin and David Hebbel - Montrose

“Our first home was a single-wide trailer. It was all we could afford and holds great memories for us. After 32 years of marriage, we now own a spacious ranch-style house and we look back on those days with thanksgiving and gratitude for the life we have today.” 

Cindy Talley - Olathe

“About a year ago, I was living in a fifth wheeler and loved it. When my brother got sick, I went to help since we were the last of our family. He asked me to settle down. I kept my promise. I sold the fifth wheeler and, with the money he left me, I bought a little place. Though he’s not here, I feel his sweet presence.”

Sharron and Vic Kaufhold - Ridgway

“We got married right out of high school and all we could afford was a tiny studio apartment. After 52 years of marriage, we now own a home in Ridgway and one in Texas. Wherever we are, we’re home as long as we’re together.”

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