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Beacon Senior News

BEACON Senior News wins national awards in 2020

Nov 23, 2020 02:32PM ● By Cloie Sandlin
BEACON wins NAMPA awards 2020

Christmas comes early every year for the BEACON staff when our publisher, Kevin, returns from the annual North American Mature Publishers Association (NAMPA) convention.  

However, because of the pandemic, this year’s convention was held virtually, showcasing the living rooms and home offices of senior magazine publishers and editors from across the country. In place of a formal awards banquet, we dined on sack lunches and carry-out as senior publications big and small vied for top honors in a variety of categories. Publications are independently judged on the quality of their written content, editing, design, photography, web content and more by the prestigious Missouri School of Journalism. The best are then commended for their efforts with awards. 

This year, BEACON Senior News and its staff were nominated in the following categories:

Column Review

•  “Talking Digital” by Adam Cochran

Senior Issues

•  “Boomer Beat” by Melanie Wiseman

Personal Essay

•  “The day I stopped driving” by Sally Henry (January 2020)

How-to Feature

• “Recycling 101: How to reduce your trash” by Jan Weeks (September 2019)

•  “How to decipher journalism from hoax in the Internet age” by Adam Cochran (April 2020)


•  “Tattooed Santa: Mike Hale reveals the edgier side of St. Nick” by Corey Colombin (December 2019)

•  “Ellen Roberts: From Fruita farm girl to show girl” by Melanie Wiseman (March 2020) 

Feature Writing

•  “Cruise-crazy seniors: 18-time cruisers reveal why cruising is worth every penny” by Melinda Mawdsley (February 2020)

•  “Ok, Boomer: Intergenerational tension isn’t bad. It’s how you address it” by Melanie Wiseman (March 2020)

•  “Flying the friendly skies: Local women recall their pioneering careers as stewardesses” by Diana Barnett (April 2020)

Topical Issue

•  “Changing the narrative on ageism” by Lauren Berg
        (March 2020)

 Front Cover Photo

•  “Tattooed Santa” by B. Bigler (December 2019)

•  “12 gestures to make him fall in love all over again”
    by Cloie Sandlin (February 2020)

•  “Ok, Boomer” by B. Bigler (March 2020)

Feature Layout

•  “12 gestures to make him fall in love all over again” by B. Bigler (February 2020)

•  “BEACON Best Awards” (February 2020) by B. Bigler & Chrissy Martin

•  “Eco-tourism in New Zealand” (April 2020) by B. Bigler

Overall Design

•  BEACON Senior News, Colorado

Annual Senior Resource Guide (Editorial & Design)

•  2020 BEACON Guide

Best Single Ad

•  “Farm fresh is right around the corner,” DeVries Orchards (August 2019). Design by Chrissy Martin

•  “Santa says it’s not too late,” 970 Medicare (December 2019). Design by Chrissy Martin

•  “Pot Magic,” Bookcliff Gardens (April 2020). Design by Chrissy Martin

Website General Excellence

•  BEACON Senior News, Colorado

And the winners are...


3rd Place -  BEACON Senior News, Colorado


1st Place -  “The day I stopped driving” by Sally Henry (January 2020) 


3rd Place - “Recycling 101: How to reduce your trash” by Jan Weeks (September 2019)


2nd Place - “Tattooed Santa: Mike Hale reveals the edgier side of St. Nick” by Corey Colombin (December 2019)



3rd Place - “Ok, Boomer” by B. Bigler (March 2020)


2nd Place - “12 gestures to make him fall in love all over again” by B. Bigler (February 2020)



1st Place - 2020 BEACON Guide


1st Place - “Santa says it’s not too late,” 970 Medicare (December 2019).


1st Place -

Putting together a BEACON isn’t easy—especially with challenges posed by the pandemic. It takes novel ideas, creative design and photography, intriguing and well-written stories, supportive advertisers and a dedicated staff. 

I believe that the number and quality of the local articles we publish in the BEACON make us stand out at such competitions. Many of our award-winning stories about local people and local issues might never have been written if it weren’t for our wonderful, local writers. Thank you!

But above all, the BEACON would not be where it is today if it weren’t for you, our readers. Thank you for reading the BEACON Senior News. 

See what the BEACON won last year! BEACON Senior News wins national awards.