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Question of the Month - December 2020

Nov 23, 2020 10:21AM ● By Melanie Wiseman & Siggie Carpenter

"If you couldn’t be home for Christmas, where would you go?"

Mesa County

Glenn Larson, Grand Junction

“The peace and serenity of the Northwoods has always appealed to me, so I’d probably like to spend Christmas in a log home somewhere in the woods of Vermont. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without my grandkids, sledding, opening gifts next to a crackling fire, and one of our epic snowball fights!

Maureen Beyer, Grand Junction

“Going somewhere warm would be my choice, but it’s hard to think outside of the United States this year. Maybe Arizona or New Mexico."

Tom Davis, Grand Junction

“South Australia—it would be summertime, and the cellar doors and ’roos are hopping.”

Carol Jordan, Grand Junction

“Fort Worth, Texas. It’s been over two years since we’ve seen our daughter, her husband and our grandkids. It would be great to be with them.”

Montrose-Delta Counties

Paul Janzen, Montrose

“I would be wandering the cobblestone streets through one of Bavaria’s medieval villages in Southern Germany. The streets are wide enough for one lane of cars. The inns, gasthäuses, and restaurants are lit up behind leaded glass windows, beckoning you to come in and get warm. The ancient buildings transport you back to the Renaissance days.”

Renee Lee, Montrose

“We would be lounging on the beach at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Florida. Loggerhead sea turtles nest on the beach next to the resort. Watching the hatchlings make their first journey in the moonlight safely to the ocean is really an amazing sight.”

Terry Glenn, Delta

“Wherever there’s a golf course and a beach, you’ll find me. One of my favorite places is the island of Cozumel, Mexico, off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.”

Nancy Warnock, Montrose

“My husband and I would be with our children, grandchildren and other family members and friends in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area. Traveling these days is more difficult, and many are fearful for us to come, so we’ll be baking and sending homemade goodies instead.”