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Every day is Veterans Day. Parade not required.

Oct 26, 2020 11:43AM ● By Cloie Sandlin

I’ve always thought it appropriate that Veterans Day and Thanksgiving are both in November. Among the reasons to be thankful, our freedom should be at the top of the list.

Even though both holidays will look a little different this year—no parades or big events, absent family members at the dinner table, and outdoor visits with loved ones—it’s important to tell our local veterans how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice. 

My favorite way of doing this is by sitting down with them and listening to their stories. During a recent Wednesday morning visit to the Western Region One Source, I met several local veterans who were eager to share their stories as well as their hardships. 

I talked with 88-year-old David Abeyta (pictured on the cover) who served in two branches of service. A Navy man at first, he did a cruise on the USS Tortuga. Later, he decided he wanted to do something different and signed up with the Air Force.

Tom Tubach and Steve Wolford are Navy men who later joined the Grand Valley Combined Honor Guard, a group of veterans that provides full military honors to veterans at their funerals. 

Tubach joined the Navy at the beginning of the Vietnam era and did three tours on a ship off the coast of Vietnam and home ported in Pearl Harbor. 

Prior to joining the Navy, Wolford had never been outside the region near his home in Wisconsin. But in four and a half years, he “did a lot of growing up” and a lot of traveling. 

“Now I enjoy the honor guard because every veteran deserves the respect,” said Wolford.

Are you a vet needing help?

Read this month’s cover story about veterans’ services offered on the Western Slope, including those at the state-run Western Region One Source. And check out the BEACON’s event calendar this month for details on veterans events, as well as our monthly support group section. 

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“Just want you to know I enjoy the magazine so much! Well done!”

- Gloria V.

RE: October cover

“You publish a good monthly resource for seniors. However, I was appalled at your choice for the cover picture for the October issue. Adults sticking out their tongues and making goofy faces! Really? I understand you were attempting to show the element of surprise or amazement, but I feel your selection of this particular photo was a poor choice. Seniors are generally more mature acting than that!”

- Charlotte B.

“After seeing this cover picture I almost trashed this email. REALLY?”

- Jo Ann

RE: “Where’s all the meat?” (September)

“This article was well-timed, but misleading. ‘Vegetarians and vegans pontificate that plants provide protein.’ That plants provide protein is a fact, not opinion. All protein originates from plants. Where do you think the animals we raise for meat get their protein? Moreover, protein derived from a whole-food plant-based diet is significantly healthier than protein derived from meat and dairy.”

- P. Andrews

RE: “Female problems!” (September)

“I’m a BEACON fan. I really like your jokes! In the September issue, on page 21, that’s the funniest thing I have ever heard. I desperately need copies of September’s issue!”

- Marge Dubois

RE: “Face Masks” (August)

“I write to commend the editor for having the courage and respect to allow different viewpoints in The BEACON…It has always been an individual’s right and responsibility to decide how s/he will think and act on information. If you rely solely on experts, you deny your own authority and intelligence to discern what is appropriate and needed. If you don’t agree with something, you can ignore it or offer supporting alternative evidence in a civil manner. I thought Ms. McCune’s article was thoughtful and respectful, making it clear what were her opinions and the basis for them, allowing readers to decide what is right for them.”

- Brenda C

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