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Question of the Month - October 2020

Oct 01, 2020 11:32AM ● By Melanie Wiseman and Siggie Carpenter

What’s the funniest prank or surprise you’ve ever pulled?

Mesa County

Debbie Lovato

“Never. I don’t like it when people pull pranks on other people, because the prankster is laughing at the other person at their expense. I think it’s mean.”

Eric Maata

“For his retirement, I was asked to roast my Ph.D. advisor—a gruff, no-nonsense ex-Marine who called his grad students ‘troops.’ I titled my presentation ‘Rupert Archibald Drake Wentworth: A Selective Oral Biography, or R.A.D.W. - S.O.B.’ for short. The packed auditorium roared, including Prof. Wentworth.”

Marci Carron

“I bought leopard underwear for my elderly mom for Christmas and labeled the package as if it were from my sister’s new boyfriend. It was so funny as she opened it in front of everyone, read the card and just looked at him—all while he kept saying ‘I didn’t get you those!’”

Don Aust

“I noticed a friend’s motorhome parked on the street and called pretending to be a police officer letting him know that a trash truck had collided with it. He said he’d be right there, but I told him to wait until the fire department extinguished the fire! Then he really panicked, until I identified myself. We both laughed for a long time.”

Montrose-Delta Counties

Ernest Kolonick - Delta

“Eight years ago, I picked up my girlfriend to volunteer at a church activity. Little did she know, I’d made all of the arrangements for a surprise wedding. The look on her face made me really nervous at first until she smiled and said, ‘Yes.’ No other surprise since has topped that one!”

Nicci Robbins - Montrose

“I started a rumor that my son lost his frog in my office—I never said it was a real frog. Our IT Director gathered a crew and searched intently for hours, moving office furniture for that greenish brown frog named Toad. Some said they heard croaking sounds. Our CEO, who was part of the prank, was so impressed in the success of the team building exercise that the story of the elusive toad still lingers.”

Dottie Wire - Montrose

“One April Fool’s Day, my sister Teresa and I told our siblings we had a big fight and she kicked me out of the house. Only our brother-in-law, Filo, was genuinely concerned until we said ‘April Fools!’ He didn’t think it was funny at all and grumbled something as he stomped off. Since many of our family members have passed away, the memory of that day is even sweeter now. We still like to stir things up every chance we get!”

Tom Barkley - Eckert

“If I shared with you the pranks I’ve pulled, I’d be in a whole lot of trouble! Thanks, but no thanks.”