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September Question of the Month

Aug 31, 2020 03:42PM ● By Beacon Senior News

What life experience would you recommend everyone try at least once?

Mesa County

Compiled by Melanie Wiseman

Candie Kruse Burgess - Grand Junction

“Hold the door open for someone else, whether it’s in front or behind you. Just be polite, chill out and slow down!”

Joel Saria - Grand Junction

“Hike as much as possible right here in our backyard in the Colorado National Monument. My favorites are Serpents Trail and Old Gordon Trail.”

Lynda Stahl - Grand Junction

“Everyone should travel to a new country and experience a different culture. It will open up your mind in ways that you can’t even imagine!”

Buzz Aust - Grand Junction

“One thing I wanted to do once in my life was hike the Grand Canyon. We hiked with good friends down South Kaibab Trail, had dinner at Phantom Ranch and camped at Bright Angel Campground. We had so many memorable adventures along the way and the scenery was amazing! If you like to hike and want a good adventure, put it on your bucket list. Be sure to get in shape first!”


Montrose County

Compiled by Siggie Carpenter

John & Yvonne McChesney - Montrose

John: “There is no greater feeling than being of service to others. Become a volunteer within your community.”

Yvonne: “Travel outside of Colorado. If you can, travel to the Deep South or to a foreign country and experience another culture. It will enrich your life.”

Doug Glaspell – Montrose

“Everyone should read the Constitution of the United States of America at least once. It was ratified in 1789 and begins with, ‘We the People...’”

Charles Barton - Montrose

“Go to the doctor and grow a spine! Develop strength in your character and keep smiling.”

Don Coram - Montrose

“Hit the ‘reboot’ button on your life. Be a maverick; there’s boundless options to what you can accomplish even at our age.”