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“Selfish bastards!”

Aug 04, 2020 09:24AM ● By Beacon Senior News

How do we respond to verbal assaults as Christians?

Since I don’t follow political news in depth, I was surprised to hear that the Governor of Colorado recently resorted to name-calling anti-mask wearers as “Selfish bastards!” So, I went to verify it online and, yep, he did.

In his frustration during another outburst, he blurted, “Wear a damn mask!”

He may believe his bullying and humiliating outbursts are a show of strength, but it merely further alienates the very people he’s trying to bring into compliance in the first place.

I recall many years ago when members from one church wanted a local Christian bookstore to put brochures on its shelves that criticized the supposedly doctrinal fallacies of another church organization. Their intent was to chastise that particular church into seeing their “wrong thinking” and to deter others from it. The store manager instantly refused and rebuked them saying, “How can you expect to win someone over by telling them they’re stupid?”

In this world of growing impatience, instant results are expected and we are increasingly seeing tactics that demean and belittle. The thinking is, “If I go on the attack, my opposition will cower and come into alignment with my way of thinking. Plus, others will see how strong I am and won’t dare step out of line.”

When people are attacked, it’s human nature to want to retaliate in kind. But as Christians, we must rise above verbal assaults and controlling restrictions by being Christ-like men and women in our speech and actions. We are not to be sucked into childish, verbal mockery, but instead boldly and confidently speak and demonstrate His truth at all times. When we do that, His will is done.

Instead of lashing back at those who oppress us, we must be on the offensive living in ecclesia—the community of the church—even in the midst of storms. Jesus spells it out in Luke 10:5-9, calling us to intentionally build meaningful relationships using God’s word as the foundation. We are purposefully fulfilling the Great Commission when we:

1. Bless the lost

2. Fellowship with them

3. Minister to them

4. Proclaim the kingdom of God

Our downfall comes when we focus on the concerns of the world and lose sight of the calling He has for each of us. When we do things His way, we are establishing long-lasting relationships that prepare others for His return.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”