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BEACON Senior News

Question of the Month - August 2020

Aug 03, 2020 03:03PM ● By Beacon Senior News

Best summertime beverage from around town?


Judie Chapin

Judie Chapin

“Vodka martini, dry up and dirty at the Palisade Brewery. They’re delicious!”

Junta SolanoJunta Solano Question of the Month

“Iced tea from Pablo’s downtown, and water. The water tastes so good here. When I lived in Florida, the water was rusty and made your clothes yellow.”

Dr. Peter Soaring High Eagle

Dr. Pete Soaring High Eagle

“Pure artesian water. Grand Junction has one of the greatest sources, in the Orchard Mesa Cemetery. The person who donated the land wanted the deep, old well accessible to the public, so there’s concrete with a pipe and water continually coming out of it. It has a very smooth texture.”

Gail BuelterGail Buelter

“I’m a beer drinker so I’m going with the Palisade Red at the Ale House. It’s light, fruity and a feel-good drink.”



Kandice Lockwood question of the month

Kandice Lockwood - Montrose

“My new favorite summertime drink is Kim’s 50/50 iced tea concoction served at the Light House Coffee Shoppe & Eatery in Montrose.”

Hank Bentley - CedaredgeHank Bentley

“Every once in a while, I will have one of Cedaredge’s Red Mountain Ranch hard cider. I really like their Apple Raspberry served at the Creekside Cafe.”

Mike Ballou

Mike Ballou - Montrose

“Any of Mi Mexico’s margaritas taste especially good in the summer with nachos and shared with a friend.”

Sebastian Crowe - Delta

Sebastian Crowe

“On a really hot day, nothing tastes better than a beer in an ice-cold mug. My favorite place these days is CB’s Tavern in Delta where the staff and service are fabulous.”