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England Fence: Please fence me in!

Jun 26, 2020 09:24AM ● By Jan Weeks

LaVeta England with her son, Jake, operate England Fence, the family owned fencing business in Montrose.

England Fence keeps livestock in, unwanted visitors out

“Good fences make good neighbors,” observed Robert Frost in one of his poems. Fortunately for Montrose’s neighbors, La Veta England knows all about fences and their uses here in the west.

La Veta’s husband, Steven, had done fencing all his life. They initially lived in Phoenix, where Stephen honed his skills and learned a lot working for a fencing company there.

When the Englands moved to Montrose in 1995, there were two established fence companies, but they weren’t hiring. Steven put an ad in the paper and worked solo, while La Veta worked for Montrose County Human Services. Eventually, the couple took a leap of faith and started England Fence Company in 2001. Nearly 20 years later, the business is going strong.

Family-run business

La Veta runs the office. She assumed the role of a salesperson when the business started, but now she hires salespeople.

Over the years, the business has truly remained a family business. Daughter Maegan kept track of payroll until recently, and son Jake heads the electric gate installation crew. When Steven retired several years ago due to health issues, Jake stepped in to help. Steven passed away in March 2020.

Starting and running a business wasn’t always easy. Keeping track of the shop crew, three installation crews and a gate opener crew takes time and effort. When the economy tanked in 2008, La Veta was forced to lay people off, although the company has since grown to employ 21 people. But there are advantages to being the boss.

“Though it’s been a struggle, I got to work with my family, and it’s going to continue as a family business,” La Veta said. “And, I’ve gotten to be with loved ones when they needed me, which I couldn’t have done if I was working for someone else.”

England Fence

England Fence installs split rail, lodgepole rail, cedar, vinyl and chain, as well as gate openers, and offers a two-year warranty on workmanship.

La Veta’s mom and dad were both born and raised in Montrose, so she’s always known the area and is accepted as a local. That helped when the Englands started their company.

“We’ve achieved a certain status here. People love us,” La Veta said.

That’s because in all areas of the company, customers come first. England Fence offers a two-year warranty on workmanship, and if materials fail for any reason, customers receive help in contacting the manufacturers regarding their warranties. La Veta remembered one instance when vinyl fencing from one manufacturer failed epically, resulting in all the fences having to be reinstalled. England Fence was there to help.

The company’s primary business now is building and installing iron gates—some quite decorative—for both gated communities and individuals who want to keep intruders out and livestock in. They install split rail, lodgepole rail, cedar, vinyl and chain, as well as gate openers operated either by electricity or solar panels.

“We’re working on one for Oprah Winfrey’s Telluride home right now,” La Veta noted.

Giving back

England Fence has been a generous contributor to the community, though it’s not something La Veta brags about. The company donated the labor to fence the high school girls’ softball field and fenced a church playground at no charge. It donates time to the city when and where it’s needed. As La Veta explained, “We wouldn’t be here without them.”

At England Fence, they know the value of integrity and service.

“We look forward to serving our customers. If you treat people right, it will come back to you tenfold,” La Veta said.

Seniors, vets and first responders receive a 10 percent discount. England Fence is located at 1568 N. Townsend Ave., Montrose. For a free estimate, call 249-4430 or visit