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There’s nothing like the smell of newsprint in the morning!

Jun 01, 2020 03:50PM ● By Cloie Sandlin

The June edition is back in print!

It's so good to be back in print! In case you missed my column last month: When we sent our April issue to press back in March, there were many uncertainties regarding the impact COVID-19 and a lengthy stay-at-home order would have on our communities, and more importantly our readers. Therefore, our staff decided to forgo a print edition and make our May and June issues available solely online.

But, alas, here we are printing our June issue! The Western Slope has been fortunate to have considerably fewer COVID-19 cases than other parts of the state. Let’s keep it that way!

Got the travel bug?

You’re telling me. My husband and I had travel plans in place long before coronavirus became a pandemic in the U.S.

When news of the virus first hit, we knew our trip to New England wouldn’t happen (We were flying into New York after all). Like so many of you, we canceled our flight and reserved our tickets for a later date.

Staying home was rough, but I’ll tell ya: I’d rather be at home on the Western Slope than anywhere else.

New York may be okay without my money, but tourism is still a significant economic driver locally. As our communities re-open, please be generous and support local businesses, especially those heavily hit from a decline in summer travel.

Please be kind to other patrons, and patient with employees as we all learn to navigate these new rules in our communities. Please be respectful of others and adhere to the guidelines set forth by local health officials. Check on your neighbors and do what you can to help them.

BeaconFest is August 19

We can’t wait to see you at Grand Junction BeaconFest on Wednesday, August 19. Re-mark your calendars, invite your friends and we’ll have a blast.

Thank you!

Experimenting with a digital issue was fun, but I’m over the moon to be back to printing the BEACON Senior News. While we know that reading the BEACON online isn’t the same, we were delighted at the outpouring of love and support we received from readers and advertisers. (We love you, too!)

Whether in print or online, please know that our work to keep you enlightened, entertained and encouraged won’t stop. Thank you for reading the BEACON!

Even if you prefer the print edition, I encourage you to connect with us digitally.

  • Read the BEACON online. Did you know that in addition to our print edition, we publish the BEACON digitally every month? While it’s not the same as holding it in your hand, you'll find uplifting stories and side-splitting jokes right here at (Just a reminder that in light of the pandemic we’ve combined our Mesa County and Montrose-Delta editions into one—at least through June.)
  • Get the BEACON delivered straight to your email. You can sign up right here for notifications when the new issue is out, along with exclusive and interactive content. You can also get your name added to the list by emailing us at [email protected]
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Letters from our readers

In response to May's digital edition:

“At the end of this pandemic, we are all going to look back on how we came out of it…as either hunks, chunks, or drunks.” [She said she was glad to hear the June issue will be back in print.] “It makes a person feel like you are still in the loop.”

- Christine N.

“Glad to be able to get the newspaper online, but I’ll be glad when the printed version can come out again. I love those jokes, especially since they fit us (well, me, anyway) so well. We need to laugh as much as possible.”

- Elizabeth V.

“I haven’t been able to find May’s BEACON. I need to see the BEACON! I’m a faithful reader!”

- Sherry

In response to “Flying the Friendly Skies” in April’s BEACON:

“I was delighted to read the article about Betty June Harbig and DeAnn Piper as early stewardesses! My husband is a pilot, and I had ground schooling and enough training to fly our Cessna 172 H as his copilot, so I have great interest in all things airborne. Besides that, Betty June and I worked together with the American Baptist Women's Ministries for many years. She is a great friend!”

- Nona C.

In response to “Go green this summer” in April’s BEACON:

“If you go xeric, make sure not to hurt your trees. We are seeing people killing their trees by removing lawn and not thinking about their root system. Trees shade us, reduce cooling costs, produce oxygen, support wildlife and make us feel better beyond many other things. Contact CSU Extension for research-based information.”

- Susan Carter, CSU Extension

In response to “Aging gracefully with Susan Zanol” in April’s BEACON:

“Nice job on the article! I actually have two master's degrees. The other is in business administration which I earned while in the Air Force.”

- Susan Zanol

Read more letters from the Editor.

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