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The great humbling

May 05, 2020 11:38AM ● By Robyn Justo

Is COVID-19 the universe’s way of making a point?

I suppose that I can make jokes about finding toilet paper on the black market (or brown market), but it might not be too funny when the shit hits the fan.

Living on Maui in prior years, I'd seen this before. Hurricane warnings always prompted Hawaiians to run to Costco and fill up their baskets with toilet paper. I’ve always had an insecurity when it comes to toilet paper so I totally get it.

In a matter of days, we were forced into a pause—a society suddenly subdued into compliance.

At first, my inbox was inundated with conjecture, conspiracy theories, and apocalyptic speculation but I had my own ideas. Having not scrambled for flu shots over the years (and not getting the flu for 13 of those years), I feared the vaccine more than the virus.

Then I started noticing that I had a sore throat and the sniffles. I wondered if fear was the real contagion because the more I read about this thing, the worse I felt.

I started observing carefully. I noticed careless people throwing caution to the wind with a lack of concern for others, their actions invisibly reverberating throughout the air. Young people thought it would not affect them. Then like Whack-a-Mole, pow! The warhead aimed at the young.

We’re in close quarters with the ones we love and proximity breeds contempt. A friend of mine told me that she was ready to whack her husband. I’m alone here but sometimes even I need to sit outside to get away from myself.

Life is indeed imitating art. All of the movies about pandemics are out suddenly, and picturing it in our world. Forced and enforced isolation is the perfect example of “Divide and conquer.” A war would not make people stay inside and neither would the news of an alien invasion. But the mere thought of dying does a pretty good job.

Prisoners are now being released and we are being confined. What is wrong with this picture?

Our days are slowing down and getting reprioritized. I was shocked the other day when I received a call from an unknown number. It turned out my hairdresser, without asking my permission, gave a single guy my contact information thinking that "we should all have a little fun" while this is going on.

A dear friend and former flame I haven’t seen in 15 years texted me. He wanted a recent picture of me so I sent one. He said I still looked glamorous—which I can tell you is not one of my priorities. I was in a sweatshirt (albeit a cute one), holding a bottle of wine. But makeup doesn’t appeal to me one bit. Neither is having a hot date with a stranger who my hairdresser thinks might give me a thrill. Ew.

Scammers are heartlessly trying to sell things to desperate people. Where's that Whack-a-Mole now?

Perhaps this whole ordeal is the universe’s way of making a point. We are not in control and we are truly one now. EVERYTHING we do affects the whole. If we choose to travel or party like it’s 2020, we subject ourselves to possible disease and those close to us and beyond to the same.

Mother Earth might've had enough. We might end up scooting like dogs on the grass to clean ourselves. This is the great humbling.

Each morning I open one eye at a time, hoping that the dream has changed from a nightmare to a world where consciousness and compassion reside and conquer