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Mesa County Libraries eliminates overdue fines

Jan 07, 2020 11:32AM ● By Beacon Senior News

Beginning January 1, 2020, Mesa County Libraries will stop charging overdue fines on books and other items. In addition, all accumulated fines for overdue materials will be waived as of January 1. The library is eliminating overdue fines in order to increase patron access to library resources.

The new policy, approved in December by the Library Board of Trustees, means that library privileges will be restored to about 2,800 Mesa County residents who are blocked from further checkouts because of accumulated fines exceeding $10. An analysis of blocked patrons shows that many such residents live in lower-income areas of the county. The new policy applies only to fines incurred from failure to return materials on time. Billed charges for unreturned, damaged, or incomplete items will remain in force. Library patrons will still be expected to return items on or before the due date.

For more information, call 243-4442 or visit the libraries' website.