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Living off the grid

Jun 06, 2019 01:06PM ● By Beacon Senior News

How will you use your yurt? Full-time living, studio, mother-in-law suite, camping structure, man cave, overnight rental, or summer cabin—a yurt can be an economical and eco-friendly solution. Full-time living may require a larger yurt, while a studio can be very functional in a smaller yurt.

➋ Where will you pitch your yurt? The location will determine what kind of snow and wind load you may need, as well as the number of windows and other options that would be appropriate.

➌ Do you need a permit? Permitting is usually regulated on a local level. Whether it’s your county, city or even your homeowners association, you may need approval to install a yurt.

➍ What kind of deck? Your yurt needs to have a place to sit. Colorado Yurts need to be pitched on a permanent platform, concrete slab or SIPS deck.

➎ Will you add utilities? If you decide to add electricity or plumbing to your yurt, it should be part of your deck planning (as the connections would likely come up through your floor). We suggest doing a floor plan before building the deck, noting where the electrical and plumbing needs to be.

➏ What is the lead time? We handcraft each yurt after you place your order. You pick your fabrics, window placements, snow and wind load options and other details. Lead time can be as little as a few weeks, and as much as a few months.

➐ Who will set up your yurt?Most of our customers pitch their own yurt with the help of a crew of friends and family. Others will hire a contractor. We send an instruction book, and can give phone support where needed. If you live in our area, you can hire us to pitch your yurt.

Colorado Yurt Company’s expert staff can help you make these decisions and can provide deck plans and documentation needed for a permit. For more information or to get a quote, call 800-288-3190 or visit■ ]]>