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BEACON Senior News

Question of the Month: July

Jul 04, 2018 03:37AM ● By BEACON Senior News


Greg Biskupski

“I suppose the computer has affected my life. That’s how all our banking is done. I imagine that we’ve been using the computer a lot since the late ’90s. We use to sell on eBay. It doesn’t seem like we could get along without one anymore.”


Betty Bulla

“The cell phone is an invention that has greatly affected my life. It’s another piece of technology you can’t live without. I use it for sending pictures and keeping track of my appointments.”

Amy and Lida

Amy Nuernberg & Lida Lifferty

Amy: “The computer has affected my life because I’m a graphic designer. When I went to college to learn design, we had to typeset. We would get the roll of paper, proof it and wax it. You spent all your time trying to get it straight instead of designing. Now, everything is a design decision. I enjoy design a lot more now.”

Lida: “I have this latte blender. It’s a little mobile milk frother. You can [take] it camping. You can do it anywhere. It’s wonderful! I can have a latte anywhere.”