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Pearl’s Pet Lodge: the purr-fect home away from home for your pet

Mar 02, 2018 12:21AM ● By Kate Senn

Cindy Carter always dreamed of owning her own pet boarding facility. A passionate animal lover, she spent years drafting plans and researching ideas on how to improve conditions for feline and canine guests alike.

After years of owning and operating yoga studios in North Carolina and California, Carter and her husband, Paul, settled in Montrose in 2015 and brought Carter’s long-time dream to life when they opened Pearl’s Pet Lodge, a bed and biscuit inn, in 2017.

Now in full swing, this dog and cat boarding facility, located at 13989 6900 Road in Montrose, represents everything you could hope for when leaving your pet in someone else’s care. Clients in all shapes and furriness come and go with big, happy smiles.

Dogs can run and play at the facility’s 11,000 square-foot outdoor exercise area that splits in two: one side for large dogs and the other for small dogs—a big plus and rare accommodation for little dogs unaccustomed to their large canine relatives with their big, playful paws.

Most of Carter’s clients are local and bring their pets in for daycare or overnight boarding while they are away, but more are coming from Telluride and outside Montrose.

For dogs and cats living with siblings, Pearl’s Pet Lodge has eight suites that open to doubles, creating larger accommodations with plenty of space, so no families are split.

“Being away from home is stressful enough. I want to make this time for everyone as fun and enjoyable as possible,” Carter said.

To help with their pets’ getaway, Carter encourages pet parents to bring familiar items from home, including bedding or blankets, food, treats and toys.

Carter hopes to install a dog-washing station for owners who want to pick up a clean dog after boarding or daycare.

Cats are housed in a quiet room that’s appropriately distanced from the main kennel.

The lodge’s rates include time for exercise, feeding and administering medication, and on-site 24/7 attention from the Carters.

The Carters’ interactions with their guests go beyond heart-warming. The animals adore the happy-go-lucky couple and receive all the tender, loving care they could hope for.