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Foundation unlocks the power of the library

Feb 28, 2018 08:06PM ● By Guest

The library is a powerful resource for residents in Mesa County. Here’s what a day at the library is like:

Children and parents find a quiet corner where they can read together. Job seekers use public computers to fill out online employment applications. New arrivals to the United States learn English from volunteer tutors. Musicians record new material in a professional public studio. Students discover valuable classes in language, business skills and other topics among online e-resources. Authors use rare regional history documents to research new books.

Young readers cozy up to canine reading buddies and develop new confidence and literacy skills.

This is the power of the library.

Patrons log more than 770,000 visits to Mesa County Libraries’ eight locations each year, and each Foundation unlocks the power of the library of those visits puts the power of the library to work in someone’s life. No two patrons use the library in exactly the same way, whether they’re checking out a book, picking up a DVD, downloading an e-book, learning a language, sharpening a skill, or meeting friends. In many cases, they’re doing something that can transform their life.

Want proof? Here’s what patrons say:

“The Summer Reading Program got me in the habit of reading to my toddler.”

“Education is the backbone of freedom! Libraries help to educate the general population and maintain freedom.”

“[The library is] a way to increase one’s education and to continue learning more things even after leaving school and college.”

“My library links me to ideas. How can you put a price on that? It’s an invaluable community asset and makes my life richer every day.”

“Books are a valuable resource that no one should be without. The library is a source for wonder and amazement and is vital for child development.”

“Living in a small rural community, it is easy to lose touch with ‘the real world.’ The library keeps us in the loop.”

“It’s a place where everyone feels welcome.”

“If we ask a question, the library will always assist in helping us get answers.”

“It allows me to access books and information that I need to do day-to-day activities and to do school.”

“My children have the opportunity to access more reading materials than I could provide.”

“It’s a place to learn and explore new things.”

“It serves as a safe place for kids after school, a place to study, a place to fit in.”

“It grows a love of reading in my children and allows us as home schoolers to research things easily.”

“So thankful this studio/library exists. It’s every bit of awesome in there.”

Mesa County Libraries touch lives in many ways. However, public funding alone does not allow the library to reach its full potential. Generous supporters of the Mesa County Libraries Foundation are the key to unlocking the power of the library in local residents’ lives.

Foundation supporters are crucial to the library’s ability to provide a wide variety of services that enrich lives and build community through opportunities to learn, discover, create and connect.

For more information about the Mesa County Libraries Foundation, contact Development Director Karen Kllanxhja at 683-2438 or [email protected].