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Martin Mortuary: celebrating lives well lived

Oct 04, 2017 01:20PM ● By Jan Weeks

Preparing for a funeral is not something that people like to think about. It’s a difficult task during an emotionally fraught time, and the right mortuary can make all the difference.

There’s a reason that Martin Mortuary and Crematory, a Dignity Memorial provider, celebrated its 100th anniversary in June—the company has a reputation for providing quality, personal assistance to those who need it most.

Martin Mortuary, 550 North Ave., presents special programs and seminars through the year, including an occasional Day of the Dead celebration, to help destigmatize death and familiarize clients with the options available to them. When it comes to planning, the company makes a special effort to help clients and their loved ones.

Easing the burden

Martin Mortuary offers prepaid plans that alleviates stress for the loved ones we leave behind.

Clients may prepay in person or online. If a prepaid client moves more than 75 miles from Grand Junction, the plan transfers to a Dignity Memorial provider nearby. With more than 2,000 funeral homes and cemeteries in the Dignity Memorial network, finding one nearby is never a challenge.

Martin Mortuary also lightens the load for survivors by putting them in touch with bereavement specialists who help make time-sensitive travel arrangements. The company offers catering services for receptions, eliminating the overwhelming amount of coordination that can accompany funeral planning.

A dedication to dignity

Recently, there have been several instances of area funeral homes going out of business, leaving prepaid clients in the lurch and even holding cremains in unmarked containers in a shed. General Manager Richard Lewis said no such troubles will ever affect clients of Martin Mortuary.

“To maintain the integrity of the funeral service industry,” Lewis said, “we were honored to help many families who were victims of this wrongdoing.”

Colorado doesn’t formally license funeral directors, so there is often little recourse in the case of fraud. Not so at Martin—the mortuary puts all prepaid moneys into an American Memorial Life Insurance policy, controlled by the client. If something should happen to the mortuary, the client’s money is still protected.

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Sacred spaces

Martin Mortuary offers a range of services, including an on-site crematorium. In addition to the main chapel, which seats 400, there is also an urn release room with candles, a small altar and a rose in front of the urn the family has chosen.

“It’s a sacred but not religious space,” Lewis said. “I think the senses of sight and smell are important to those who come in.”

The ambiance allows mourners “the ability to see the transformation and release the deceased,” he said.

While Martin Mortuary respects all different ways of mourning, the staff recognizes that the transition from the physical to spiritual plane can and should demonstrate appreciation of a life well-lived.