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Is Trump’s conspiracy theory right?

Aug 31, 2016 01:15PM ● By Kevin VanGundy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has spoken of a conspiracy to deny him the White House in November. And I have come to agree…almost.

In my theory Bill Clinton persuaded Donald Trump to run for the Republican nomination in order to call attention to some of the party’s more controversial, just-right-of-radical ideals. In this regard, Trump was to have been the perfect foil.

But this is where Clinton’s plan started to backfire.

Clinton: “Damn it, Donald! You’re not supposed to win the nomination.”

Trump: “Well what else can I do? I’ve already said every crazy thing that comes to mind!”

Clinton: “I don’t know! Make it crazier!”

Or did Clinton’s plan unravel?

With nomination in hand, Donald’s campaign has gone completely off the tracks, and Hillary Clinton is now free to waltz into the White House.

Or, will she?

Some people seem to like the idea of caging Muslims, hiring the Chinese to build another great wall and making fun of Rosie O’Donnell.

Either way, “God save America!”

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