The BEACON Guide

The BEACON Guide is an annual publication providing information on local resources for seniors and their families.

With two editions created for Mesa County and Montrose and Delta Counties, The BEACON Guide offers essential resources relating to aging well on the Western Slope.

This trusted tool for area seniors, their families and those who assist them has grown bigger and better since its foundation. Now interspersed with editorial content and additional information, local resource listings are organized to reflect the transitions in aging that boomers and seniors and their families go through.


Our comprehensive approach to aging well covers all aspects of aging, from the nitty-gritty to the icing on the cake.

Sections include:

Aging Resources

Clubs & Activities

Retirement Planning

Home Services

Health & Medical Services


Senior Housing

End of Life

Support Groups

Other Resources

The BEACON Guide is carefully designed to make the continuum of care available to readers like you. Every year, we call and verify every listed phone number to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Best of all, this publication is free because of our advertisers. Contact our office for copies of The BEACON Guide or read them online:

Mesa County 2017 BEACON Guide