Old-timer George Decker weaves real cowboy tale in memoirs

August 1, 2017 0
Born on a ranch in the Colorado Rockies, George Decker never knew his mother. She died of uremic poisoning two days after his birth. As was custom in those early times, relatives stepped in to care for the infant. Baby George was sent to live with his maternal aunt and [ . . . ]

Imagery and audio come alive in art

July 6, 2017 0
Imagine looking at a favorite photo of your grandchildren and hearing them giggle. Or maybe enjoying a vivid image of Red Mountain Pass and hearing John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” while soft, bluish lights pulse around the picture. This isn’t the stuff of science fiction, but technology that’s currently available. [ . . . ]

Finding magic on the Appalachian Trail

May 30, 2017 0
Su Joffrion celebrated her 61st birthday in the middle of a life-changing, 2,185-mile journey on the Appalachian Trail. “One of the reasons I wanted to do this hike was my disenchantment with people. I wasn’t happy living in Baton Rouge with the skyrocketing gangs, crime and population,” said Joffrion, who [ . . . ]

A bigger canvas:

April 3, 2017 0
Lee Bowerman’s feet haven’t touched the ground for a good share of his life. Working atop ladders and scaffolding, this creative local artist has murals that can be seen throughout the Western Slope and beyond. Observers frequently say the murals are so realistic that they feel as if they could [ . . . ]
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