All roses, no thorns: One woman’s ministry of cheer

August 1, 2017 0
Visits with Trish Alden often have a familiar beginning. When she hands people a rose bouquet, they plunge their faces into the palette of colors and fragrances. They inhale and emerge with a satisfied, “Ahhhhhh.” There’s a reason that Alden, 80, is often called “The Rose Lady.” Each year, she [ . . . ]

No generation gap in the Montrose United Methodist Church

July 6, 2017 0
By Deidra Manary The Montrose United Methodist Church (MUMC) has a multigenerational appeal, best demonstrated by families whose oldest and youngest members attend side by side. Several MUMC families represent three generations of members. Among these are Marva, Marsha and Maddy Pittman, three women who have given many volunteer hours [ . . . ]

The miracle of Hanukkah

December 5, 2016 0
When “Once upon a time” was the opening line of my books, World War II was in progress. Though memories sometimes materialize as make-believe, let me tell you about my first personal Hanukkah menorah. People always ask if Hanukkah’s the Jewish Christmas. How could that be possible, as it started [ . . . ]

This word will change your life

November 21, 2016 0
I want to share with you a word that can transform your attitude, health, family and life. I want to encourage you to engage this word in your vocabulary so that you can begin to live a life of expectation. The word is “forward.” A lesson in forward is wrapped [ . . . ]
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